The Mysteries of an Ancient Religion

alt_cover_design_final-cover_miniFather Christopher is blessed. He is lazy, he likes people, and he is not interested in sex: being a priest is the perfect job for him. In the late eighties, he is entrusted with the care of a flock of misfits and unfortunates in San Francisco. Disease, death, tragedy surround him. He also witnesses small miracles, acts of kindness and love, friendships deeper than he knew.

Suddenly, a parishioner's young boy is kidnapped without a trace. Mysterious clues appear, hinting at the culprit and the tragic fate that is awaiting the child - if Father Christopher can't solve the puzzle.

Our hero risks everything to find the child, including his standing with the Church. As the Archbishop frowns, Father Christopher is forced to examine the religion he has known since childhood, realizing that there is a lot more to the stories in the Gospels than the Church has ever let on.

  • Was it really Judas who betrayed Jesus?
  • Why wasn't Joseph present when Jesus died?
  • Is it true that Jesus killed once?
  • Was St. Peter the first pope?
  • Did Jesus sanction gay marriage?

Unless Father Christopher finds the true answer to these questions, the child is going to suffer. Watch the religion you have known introduce itself again as the mysteries of the Gospel texts are revealed, digging deep into a text two thousand years old. It's a race against the clock - will Father Christopher solve the last puzzle before the child is irreparably harmed?

Order your copy of In the Mission  today! By tomorrow, you will be drawn into a world of mystery and adventure, reading about things you thought familiar with a new eye. Just like Father Christopher, you will learn that you can look at a sentence a thousand times and never realize its true meaning; that you can find a religion that is kind to you and holy, one that has been hidden from you.

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