What Did Jesus Say?

alt_cover_design_final-cover_miniOf the thousands of pages in the Bible, the words and deeds of Jesus cover just over one hundred. In a day's read, hidden in plain sight, read every week by millions, are secrets and mysteries more powerful than ever before imagined.

When a  parishioner's son is kidnapped, Father Christopher is roused to action. Mysterious clues point at the culprit and the location. They also spell out trouble: torture and death for a young boy if the priest can't solve the puzzle.

But Father Christopher is lazy. He never paid any attention in seminar, getting by on good looks and charm alone. How is he supposed to know the answer to questions like:

  • Who was the one that Jesus killed?
  • How did Jesus's father, Joseph disappear?
  • Did Judas really betray Jesus? Or was it someone else?

To save the child from certain death, Father Christopher will have to revisit all he knows about the Gospels. He will have to actually read them as carefully as few of us have done. And before him unfold secrets hidden in plain sight, two-thousand years old, the original bargain of the newborn Church.

Order your copy of In the Mission  today! By tomorrow, you will be drawn into a world of mystery and adventure, reading about things you thought familiar with a new eye. Just like Father Christopher, you will learn that you can look at a sentence a thousand times and never realize its true meaning.

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