MarcoMarco Gazzetta is Lamat Press Lead Author of 2011. Marco is a curious fellow with a wide variety of interests, as shown by his degree (Theoretical Physics), career (Internet software), and choice of topics as author (religion-centered fiction). In his own words, Marco is "obsessed with telling stories that captivate and educate, stories in which new ideas become plot devices, in which believable characters do the unbelievable, in which the impossible is ordinary."

Marco's first novel with Lamat Press is In the Mission, a kidnapping mystery that will fascinate you as much as it surprised us when we first found the manuscript. In his words: "I have been writing fiction since the age of 8. All horrible stuff, of course, but horrible stuff with passion. I would routinely purge my files - first actual paper folders with manuscripts, later computer files. When it came to Chris, Jesse, Dolores, Philippe, and all the other characters of In the Mission, I was not at liberty to do the same. Despite a successful and lucrative career as software architect, I felt compelled to give this story and these characters a voice that everyone could hear."

All of us at Lamat Press are thrilled to hear that Chris made possible this crazy ride through a time long gone. The thought itself that this manuscript could have ended in the shredder makes us shudder. Marco keeps a blog on, where you can read more about him, his passions, his opinions, and about the process of writing In the Mission.

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